Issue Five

The first issue of 2019!

So here we go… Issue Five features 25 artists from all around the world and we are super stoked for you to see all of the unique talent. As you may know, every issue of the journal is highly curated and this issue is no different. This issue includes some “firsts” we are excited about… it’s the first issue with a painting on the cover (Adam Hall) and it contains the first featured sculptor (Alexandra Slava) as well. The format has been updated and you may also notice the price dropped a bit. That’s because we wanted to make it available to more people. In turn, we lowered the page count - not by much - which saved us some money so we passed that savings along to you. Unvael, from the start, was never about “making tons of money" it has always been about showcasing super talented artists that may not always get the light shined their way. It’s about quality. The independent publishing industry isn’t easy, but we are hoping this makes it more intriguing for more people to view— especially our international fans. So, please click through for some more details about, and to purchase, Issue Five and we are excited for you to hold a copy in your hands!

— Michael Ash Smith (Founder & Curator)

Issue Five cover image is a painting by Adam Hall.