the great blue world 4.jpg

The Great Blue World

This book is a selected portion of art from an ongoing collaboration between artists Meredith Adelaide and Nirav Patel. This series began a few years ago and is finally able to come to life after our successful Kickstarter campaign.

This work will be released later this year (2018) as an 8x10 book with roughly 50 pages of imagery & word. You can preorder this beautiful hard cover right now and you will be notified once it begins shipping.


A Word From The Artists

“We aim to create a sensitive visual collection that touches on the aspects of grief and loss. Eventually, we all begin to collect our own experiences, choosing to either sit with, bury, examine, or move through the powerful wave of thoughts and feelings that come with every story. Each experience helps shape our next, and together Nirav and I would like to offer a little solace to those who grieve; to share how very human it all is; to accept where we are within each facet of our individual developments; to quietly nod to each of you that we’ve been there, too; and to give ourselves a love that will remind us when, inevitably, we must experience it again, and again."

- Meredith Adelaide & Nirav Patel