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Just like film isn't dead (it's not, so give it up if you think it is), neither is print. We are seeing more and more magazines, artist zines, journals, all sorts of prints out there. If you enjoy photography, paintings, sculpture, poetry, collage, written word, and more ... then Unvael Journal is perfect for you. If you don't, give it a try anyway, because it looks damn good on a coffee table.


Issue Four

The fourth issue of Unvael, which will be released late September 2018, features around 25 artists from roughly 10 different countries.

For $29 you will receive a copy of the journal along with (3) prints from Unvael featured artists and if you don’t want the prints, the journal is only $25.

Issue Three - SOLD OUT

The third issue of Unvael features over 30 artists from 12 different countries. It also includes (2) 4x5 prints (Chemiko & Lisa Ryan).

Additionally, you also have the option to purchase a 11x17 poster from photographer Laura Zalenga. 

Issue Two - SOLD OUT

The second Unvael journal featured over 30 artists from around the world and included (2) 5x7 prints from Elena Helfrecht & Travis Richardson.

Subscribers and preorders for the journal also recieved an additional print by Felicity Keefe. 

Issue One - Print Issue SOLD OUT  (PDF Download Available)

The premier issue of Unvael showcased over 35 artists and included physical prints from Ryan Muirhead, Ashley Callaghan, and Michael Ash Smith. Journal subscribers also enjoyed an extra print courtesy of Nirav Patel.


The Great Blue World | Hardcover Book | SOLD OUT


Dafni Planta | Photographer 


Felicity Keefe | Painter


Maja Egli | Collage Artist


Michael Ash Smith | Photograph