Introducing... Unvael Gallery. For artists.


One of my dreams has been to open up a small store and sell amazing art, host the occasional incredible dinner at night, and to make and sell awesome pour over coffee during the day. The Unvael journal stemmed from this idea. Creating this journal was, in a way, like creating a storefront - but in print form. Since the beginning, the end goal is to showcase artists outside of social media.

With that in mind, I'm officially opening up the Unvael name to support, showcase, and sell artist's work from around the world. I'd like to begin by selling pieces (free listing) created by incredible artists on the Unvael website and social media platforms. If you’re an artist and are interested in taking part, please send me an email referencing the idea and I will provide the specifics. I'm excited to get this new part of Unvael going and I'm excited to promote many talented artists!

Disclaimer: I'm mainly looking for one of a kind pieces such as paintings, sculptures, pottery etc. If you are a photographer, and wish to sell a photograph via Unvael, it will have to be sold in a limited edition format. As a photographer myself, I know the challenges facing selling a photo - there are just so many options buyers can choose from. I don't want to rule out selling amazing photography, but I have to be a little more strict with how it's sold. In addition, I will be curating what is sold on the Unvael website and unfortunately, not everything will be accepted. Feel free to email me with any questions.

Michael Ash Smith, Editor and Curator for Unvael.