Issue Three

I am so eager to get Issue Three in your hands! It is the most jam packed issue yet with 30 artists from 12 countries in 100 pages of art & word. It's a high quality print journal made up of 100lb paper and every issue contains at least 2 prints. This particular issue contains (2) 4x5 prints from artists Lisa Ryan and Chemiko AND all preorders include a special print from artist, Laura Zalenga! 

Prepare to spend a good amount of time reading through this issue, hopefully with a stellar drink of choice in the most relaxing environment you can think of. For me, thats coffee on a couch by the window on a rainy day - cliche, I know. I sincerely appreciate all the support I get from artists and fans of the journal around the world and I'm excited to release this third issue of Unvael. 


- Michael Ash Smith (Curator & Founder)

Issue Three cover image by Cara Harman.