The Unvael Collective Ambassador

Are you an artist that loves what The Unvael Collective is all about? Do you love this project enough where you’d like to help spread the word about what we do? If yes, then we’d love to hear from you. While the Unvael Collective is all about promoting artists and producing a print journal, we also need help promoting our brand— and that’s where you come in. Unvael ambassadors receive a free subscription to the journal, space in every issue of the print journal, additional social media promotion, and exclusive collaborations with us (think limited edition print releases, art zines, apparel, etc.). All we ask for in return is promotion of Unvael and excitement towards the brand. When we launch an issue, you do a bit of promotion for it … or when we launch a new book or zine, you do the same. That’s it! Seems pretty cool, right? If you’d like to be considered, please use the submission form below to apply to be an ambassador of Unvael. And remember, not everyone is selected!

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